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Middle / High School Office
Registrar: Alicia Myers
Phone:  660-397-2231
Fax: 660-397-3282

Elementary School Office
Registrar: Sherri Mauck
Phone: 660-397-2285
Fax: 660-397-3316

Andy Turgeon, Superintendent 660-397-2228

Alex Van Delft, MS/HS Principal 660-397-2231

Troy CarperMS/HS Vice Principal 660-397-2231

Melissa Vannoy, Elementary Principal 660-397-2285

Jeff Ackman, Elementary Vice Principal 660-397-2285

Nancy GoodwinSpecial Programs Director/Curriculum Coordinator/MOSIS and

Core Data Coordinator/Foster Care Point of Contact 660-397-2228

Knox County R-I School District
55701 Highway 6 East 
Edina, MO 63537

Phone: 660-397-2228 Fax: 660-397-3282