Riley Stoner 

By: Issac McCurren

Riley Isaac Stoner is a senior at Knox County High School. He is the son of Sam Stoner. He participated in Drama Club during his high school years. 

Stoner shared that his favorite teacher is paraprofessional Mrs. Watts. “She has been there for me no matter what and I can tell her anything,” Stoner said. 

One of his favorite memories from high school was a project he completed for science with Mrs. Barnill his sophomore year. The assignment required him to create a Clips video explaining how velocity and speed work. He received a good grade and Mrs. Orton shared his final product at a conference in Chicago, IL demonstrating how to use technology in schools.

Stoner is most proud of getting through high school, being able to walk across the stage, and earning his diploma. Stoner says that his dad and grandparents are the most influential people in his life because they have been there for him all of his life and want him to succeed. 

In 10 years, Stoner sees himself with a family and working in a job atmosphere that helps others. His future plans include getting a degree in a field to help people.