Senior Spotlight: Daniela Dooley 

By: Hailei Schultz 

Daniela Kay Dooley is the daughter of Daisy and the late Daniel Dooley. Daniela is involved in softball, band, Student Council secretary, National Honor Society secretary, FCA president, FBLA president, Spanish Club advertisement chair, FCCLA, and Drama Club. 

Daniella’s most memorable moment in high school was when the softball team made it to the state tournament during her freshman year. 

Daniela shared that she has many plans for her future. She wants to travel to Europe and see many historical monuments and statues. She would also like to go back to the Philippines to see her family that she has not seen in a few years. Lastly, she would like to do is work in a ministry that helps youth students.

Daniela says that the most important thing she has learned from her high school years is that time will go by so quickly and you need to cherish it, spend your time wisely, and do what you love. She says that she is going to miss the people here. She finds it hard to believe that in a couple of short months her primary school days will be over and that the people she grew up with will go out and begin to live their own lives.

Daniela would like to be remembered as someone who was hardworking and focused. She said that she has spent her time dedicated to Knox County through sports, school events, clubs, and academics, and she does not want that to go unrecognized,  

Her future plans are to attend Ozark Christian College to study Bible and Interdisciplinary Studies with a dual degree in Management from Missouri Southern State University.