Anatomy Project by the First Graders 

By: Braxton Mccurren 

First graders in Mrs. Setzer's class and Mrs. Snyder's class have been working on an Anatomy project. In their reading curriculum, they covered the human body system. After the lesson on the human body system, each student was assigned one of the five types of systems to research. They had to find two facts and a picture about their system. They then individually turned that into a Pages document. Once everyone was finished with their pages, the entire class combined their pages and made a class book over the systems. 

Mrs. Snyder and Ms. Setzer came up with the idea to make the lesson more engaging. They collaborated and decided to make a classroom book. Then they found a perfect template on the app to use. Rather than working in their own classrooms, the teachers decided it would be a good idea to collaborate among both classes as well as include technology in this lesson. The students enjoyed the collaboration between the two classes as well as working within the classroom and in table groups. 

After the book was completed the teachers printed each student a color-copy book of their own. Ms. Setzer did share that there were some challenges with the project such as the students creating their own Pages document because the typing was a struggle.  Students also shared that they enjoyed the project and were looking forward to taking the book home to read with their families.