Senior Spotlight: Hannah Dye

By: Alexandra Kelsey 

Hannah Dye is the daughter of Tammy and Tom Dye, and is the sister of Holly Dye. She is 17 years old, is a senior and has been attending Knox County High School her whole educational career. She has been a part of many groups and clubs including National Honor Society, Upward Bound, Drama Club, Art Club, choir, and FBLA. In her later high school years, she has also been a part of various activities like cheerleading, band, flags, and basketball. 

Hannah says that her favorite teacher is Ms. Blake, her choir and band teacher because she has always pushed her to her limits and made a big impact on her high school career by always being supportive, encouraging, and by seeing how much potential Hannah has. Ms. Blake is also one of the teachers that influenced her, along with business teacher Mrs. Wriedt. These two teachers have a huge impact on how Hannah sees her future. She said she only has one regret from the past four years; not putting in her all to everything she has done. Her biggest accomplishment throughout her high school career is attending school on a daily basis and being on the honor roll the whole time.

Hannah describes herself as easygoing, patient, flexible, and sympathetic. If she was to give eighth-graders advice about the transition from middle school to high school she would tell them, “Make wise choices and don't look back at high school as a time of regret. You may not be ready to grow up but it's always a good thing to keep your future in your mind as you go.”

In ten years, Hannah sees herself graduating from college, getting her life together, starting her family, and well on her way to a successful career. She is planning on leaving for college right after she graduates high school but hasn’t fully decided yet what she wants to go to college for. However, she does know that she wants to be an accountant and have a successful career.