Senior Spotlight 

By: Nate Prebe

Benjamin Sherwood Hettinger is a senior at Knox County High School. He’s the son of Terry and Helen Hettinger. 

Hettinger says that the most challenging task as a senior is getting up and getting to school on time, as well as turning in all your homework so you can graduate.  Some advice he gives for the freshmen is, "to stay in school and stay cool."  

The highlight of his senior year is blasting music down the hall at the end of the day. Ben shares he does not have a favorite teacher because they all have their ups and downs but in the end, he thinks they are all "pretty cool." A person who inspires Hettinger is Issac McCurren. Hettinger says, “He has always got my back and he's someone that he likes to look up to. 

The most outrageous thing that Ben plans to do in the future is skydiving.  

Ben's future plans are to build a financial blanket after graduating and after he'll start a career and restore classic cars. In ten years, he sees himself being here in Hannibal or somewhere else in Missouri working on cars.