"Throwin' It Back" During Homecoming 2019

By: Grace O'Neal

It’s that time of year again at Knox County R-I; Homecoming week is in full swing. This year’s theme is "Throwin’ It Back" and the dress-up days are different decades throughout the late 1900s. Monday was "Throwin’ it back to the '90s" where students and staff were encouraged to wear overalls, flannels, sandals with socks, and mom jeans. On Tuesday, students threw it back to the '80s, where the hair was big and the colors were bright. Students and staff wore all the neon. Wednesday brought the '70s back, where tie-dye was all the craze as well as bright floral patterns and flared pants. Thursday brought the '60s and students dressed like they were in Grease. Lastly, Friday was '50s day and students brought out all the Eagle spirit wear. Five teams are competing in this year’s week-long spirit competition. The teams are Freshmen, Sophomores, Juniors, Seniors, and Staff. Students and staff earn points by participating in the dress-up days, answering the daily trivia question correctly, entering a shopping cart float in the parade and attending the Homecoming game. 

On Friday afternoon at 4 p.m., the annual homecoming parade will commence. This year, elementary students in Kindergarten through fifth grade will participate in the banner competition. The winning grade will receive an ice cream party. Sixth through eighth grade are also participating by houses. The winning house will also receive an ice cream party. Each high school class and staff will enter a shopping cart float in the parade. If a high school class wins the spirit competition, they will receive a pizza party, but if the staff wins they will receive one free jeans day and an ice cream party. Following Friday night’s Homecoming game, Student Council is hosting an activity night for high school students. There will be no admission fee this year. There will be a corn hole tournament, that has its own entry fee, and open-gym style activities that are being held in the high school gym. High school students are allowed to bring a guest from outside the school district as long as they meet the criteria used for other dances.